What does "925/1000th money" mean?

Our jewels are in silver 925‰, which corresponds to the highest legal title in France and in most countries. We also say silver 1st title.

We mention "solid 925‰ silver"; the word solid here means that the jewels are solid, and that the titration of the alloy is homogeneous throughout its volume.

925‰, this actually means that it is an alloy consisting of 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of miscellaneous metals (including copper); this combination of miscellaneous metals is necessary in order to give the alloy better mechanical properties, including greater hardness.

This alloy is perfectly in conformity with the legislation, it does not contain nickel or allergenic metals. See Guarantee for more information.

What are the sizes of the rings & bracelets ?


The rings are all adjustable; the lower bodies are open so that they can be adjusted.
The default sizes are S, and for some we have declined the size M and more rarely L.

Here are the European correspondences:

Size S : from 50 to 57
Size M : goes from 58 to 63
Size L : from 64 to 70

Correspondence from other countries :

Size S : 5 1/4 to 8 (US) - J to Q 1/2 (UK)
Size M : 8 1/8 to 10 1/4 (US) - P 1/2 to T (UK)
Size L : 10 1/2 to 13 (US) - U 1/2 to Z (UK)

If you don't know your finger size, one of the best "home-made" ways to measure it with sufficient accuracy is to get a circle marker and find the hole you can best fit your finger through. Usually there is a number next to it that corresponds to the diameter of the hole, so you just multiply it by 3.14 and you get your size! For example, if you put your right ring finger in hole 17, that's 17 x 3.14 = 53.38, so you're about 53, so the S in Res Mirum will fit you very well.

Here and there you can find other ways to do this, but they are less reliable.

Of course, you can also go to a jeweller who will measure precisely with a ring gauge.

Finally, you should know that if you receive a ring that does not fit, you can simply return it to us, you will be fully refunded (see " Shipping & Returns " for more information)


The bracelets have a small extension chain, which allows an adjustment of 2cm. The default size is 16 to 18cm. But it is possible to make the size you wish, without extra cost; do not hesitate to measure your wrist and to indicate it to us when you place order.

How do you certify that it s'il s'acts well d'silver 925/1000e?

This is evidenced in two ways:
- by the mention "money 925‰" on our invoices (which we send with each purchase generally by email)
- by affixing our manufacturer's hallmark (also known as the responsibility hallmark) on each piece of jewellery. This hallmark (very small), diamond-shaped, consists of the initials of our company around a passion flower. This hallmark, which belongs only to us, has been deposited at the customs office and is our responsibility.

Is there a warranty on your jewelry / My jewelry s'is broken, can you repair it?

Our jewellery is designed to last. Of course, they may break, but we can always repair them.

Your purchases are covered by the legal guarantees of conformity and hidden defects, which run for up to 2 years. You also have a right of withdrawal; if a purchase does not suit you, you can return it within 14 days, and you will be fully refunded.

What are the manufacturing lead times?

Our jewels are generally dispatched between 1 to 4 working days, except exceptional period of displacement or holidays mentioned explicitly in the reception.

The delay can also be extended in the case of a custom order, we will inform you of this at the time of your purchase.

From the moment we have handed over your order to the Post Office, it generally takes 2 days to be delivered in Metropolitan France, and 10 days for the DOM-TOM and abroad. See Shipping & Returns for more information.

What are the different options of d'shipping?

FRANCE & DOM-TOM : tracked letter 3€, colissimo with insurance 10€.
EUROPE : followed letter 6€, colissimo with insurance 18€.
WORLD : followed letter 7€, colissimo with insurance 31€.

What happens if the package is lost / L'is the shipment insured?

You can choose between two shipping methods:

- the followed letter, or the Colissimo of the Post office. The tracked letter costs 3€; it is left in your mailbox without a signature. Although incidents are extremely rare, the contents of the item are not insured, and in the event of loss, this method cannot give rise to compensation.

- the Colissimo costs 10€, and allows in case of loss of the parcel by the Post Office, that you are compensated up to the amount of your order.

Customized and personalized orders

We do not make custom jewelry, however we can in some cases adapt our creations, modify an assembly, a size ... Do not hesitate to tell us your requests. In such a case, however, you cannot return the product for refund or exchange.

You can find examples of variations in the category " customizations " 

Can l'silver blacken or tarnish?

Even if the alloy does not contain any allergens, silver has the property to blacken under certain conditions: in contact with certain products (e.g. bleach, sulphur...), in certain contexts (seashores, perspiration...) or sometimes simply in contact with certain skins.

We use this property of silver to give our jewellery a patina, which gives it an antique look, highlights the details and engravings, and resists time.

Our jewellery will probably never change its appearance, but if it does, scrubbing with a toothbrush and toothpaste and rinsing well is a good way to revive it. You can also use specialized products that are available in stores.

Gift wrapping and packages

Apart from the chains alone, our jewellery is presented in beige velvet purses, made in Italy, placed on felt pads made in France and accompanied by a card explaining the inspiration, made of recycled paper and made in France. The whole is slipped into a cardboard pocket, made in our town of Roanne, closed with a red wax seal made by us.

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