Atmosphere of the beetle bracelet Anoplotrupes inspired by museums & Khepri, Egyptian god

This is the story of the Anoplotrupes bracelet from the Museum line.

Anoplotrupes est un scarabée noir présent en Europe. Il est issu de l’ordre des coléoptères, qui comporte le plus grand nombre d’espèces au monde. Ils sont présents sur la totalité du globe à l’exception des pôles. Les premiers fossiles de coléoptères remontent à 250 millions d’années.

Beetles have left their mark on cultures and beliefs; in ancient Egypt, for example, the god of the rising sun Khepri was represented by the Scarabaeus sacer beetle, the sacred beetle. Proceeding like this dung beetle, Khepri would roll the sun in the evening to take it away at night to the other world, and bring it back in the morning.

In addition to the considerable number of species they represent, beetles are fascinating by their incredible diversity of shapes, sizes, colours, characteristics... Titanus giganteus can be as long as an adult's hand (16 cm!), while Scydosella musawasensis, with its 0.3mm length, can slip through the eye of a needle... Some of them resist to -100° like Cucujus clavipes. Onthophagus taurus can pull 1,140 times its weight. Cicindela eburneola runs the equivalent of 1080km/h, and some species of the Gyrinidae family swim at 750km/h in size/velocity ratio. Buprestis aurulenta is a venerable beetle capable of living for 47 years in the larval stage. And what about the incredible colours they can take on, like the magnificent gold of the Chrysina resplendent in what looks like pure gold!

Particularly emblematic of entomological collections, these insects were highly prized by the collectors of the 18th century Cabinets de Curiosités. Many of the collections ended up, as is often the case, in major museums such as the Paris Museum of Natural History.

Due in particular to the fact that its stylized silhouette makes it very recognizable and representative of beetle insects, it is this Anoplotrupes beetle that is represented on this bracelet, and on all the jewels named " Anoplotrupes "of the line Museum.

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Beetle and baroque mouldings bracelet inspired by d&#039 museums;natural history made in France | Res Mirum

Anoplotrupes bulrush bracelet - 113€

Black beetle ring sacred to the Egyptians in its molded oval frame, baroque spirit and solid silver museum | Res Mirum

Anoplotrupes Ring - 62€

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