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Pendant lantern Carthage



This lantern pendant, like poison jewellery, opens with an invisible clasp. This jewel is of French artisanal manufacture, in silver 925‰.

Recycled silver


Craft creation


Res Mirum jewellery is made in Roanne.

Made in Roanne

Res Mirum jewellery is made in Roanne.

Unisex Jewellery

This pendant is from the line OrientalismThis is an artistic and literary current that mainly marked the 19th century, born of the fascination of European artists and writers for the countries of the east and west (Middle East and North Africa). This current had a lasting influence on our perception of the East; the idea that we had of it was based on stories that were sometimes more imaginary than real, and gave rise to representations that were often whimsical and exotic. The term oriental evokes several peoples and cultures: commonly, we think of Byzantine, Ottoman, Moorish, Moroccan, Berber, Arab, Tuareg...

It is this atmosphere that the Orientalism line restores, through craftsmanship, stuccoes, zelliges, architecture...

It is the idea of an oriental lantern that inspired this pendant. With their incredible diversity of shapes, their finely cut patterns, it is a bit of the orient that comes to us through these traditional lamps so characteristic.

This pendant can be opened; a clasp hidden in the designs allows the lid to be unlocked, which is hinged around an invisible hinge. Like the principle of poison jewellery, this pendant is thus a small box in which one can come and place a message, powder, ointment, perfume... On the foot of the lantern is inscribed the name of the Res Mirum brand.



This pendant is 35 mm high with the bélière, 30 mm without the bélière and 17 mm wide.

The chain is sold separately, we offer two sizes: 45 cm (12 inches) and 70 cm (type jumper).

This jewel is made of solid silver 925‰, manufactured by us in an artisanal way. We have designed it in an eco-responsible way, see our ethics for more information.

Finishing : We give the silver an antique patina to give the jewellery an antique cachet, and bring out the details of the patterns and engravings.

Packaging : The jewel is presented in a small velvet purse, slipped into a retro cardboard envelope closed with a wax seal with the initials of Res Mirum.

Maintenance and warranty : The ancient patina of this jewel will harmoniously accompany its ageing; there is no specific maintenance to be foreseen. Some precautions however can be useful to know, that you can discover in the heading interview.

We have manufactured it with the greatest care, and we guarantee it; please do not hesitate to consult our guarantee to find out everything.


Deadlines : Our jewels are dispatched under 1 to 4 working days, then forwarded normally in 2 working days (for metropolitan France) in letter followed or Colissimo with insurance according to your choice.

Postage and packing :
FRANCE & DOM-TOM : tracked letter 3€, colissimo with insurance 10€.
EUROPE : followed letter 6€, colissimo with insurance 18€.
WORLD : followed letter 7€, colissimo with insurance 31€.

For more information, see the FAQ

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    Magnifique objet, merci à vos artisans d art……

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