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Le Gabriel hot-air balloon earrings


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These earrings are inspired by old aerostats: hot-air balloons, charlières, rozières... This jewel is made by French craftsmen, in silver 925‰.

Recycled silver


Craft creation


Res Mirum jewellery is made in Roanne.

Made in Roanne

Res Mirum jewellery is made in Roanne.

Unisex Jewellery

These loops are from the line AerostatThe new model, which features the impressive silhouettes and ornate patterns of the majestic balloons that marked the beginning of the history of aeronautics under Louis XVI. The famous hot-air balloons, but also charlières, rozières, airships, zeppelins... are all extraordinary machines that marked their time, and influenced popular culture until today, fuelled by the imagination of writers (one thinks for example of Jules Verne and his hero Phileas Fogg).

Thus the jewels of the aérostats line are at the crossroads of the imaginary and the dreamlike, of the steampunk universe, of travel and novels; impregnated with an atmosphere of the Age of Enlightenment, 18th - 19th century... If you are curious to know more about the atmosphere & the history of this line, it's here !

The Gabriel would have been the name given to one of the first hot-air balloons in history.

These earrings represent hot-air balloons represented in relief (cameo style), standing out from a cloudy background in an oval frame. The balloons are adorned with engraved motifs; one of them was named Marie-Antoinette in honour of the queen of the time, and the royal monogram can be recognized on the front. Thus, while the general shape is identical, these buckles are asymmetrical, as the details of the balloons are not the same.

All around the oval frame are engraved weather symbols: rainbow, clouds, sun, lightning, rain.... The back is signed Res Mirum.

The oval frame is attached to a chip by a chain that slides freely in a ring, allowing the frame to hang slightly off-set as a painting hanging on a wall would. The chain is made of round forçat, a sturdy chain made in France.

The attachment system is a classic pushchair-stem system.


These earrings are 44 mm high in total. The large ovals are 22 by 16 mm. They weigh 8.64 g.

The chain is made of round forçat, a robust chain made in France.

The attachment system is a classic pushchair-stem system.

This jewel is made of solid silver 925‰, manufactured by us in an artisanal way. We have designed it in an eco-responsible way, see our ethics for more information.

Finishing : We give the silver an antique patina to give the jewellery an antique cachet, and bring out the details of the patterns and engravings.

Packaging : The jewel is presented in a small velvet purse, slipped into a retro cardboard envelope closed with a wax seal with the initials of Res Mirum.

Maintenance and warranty : The ancient patina of this jewel will harmoniously accompany its ageing; there is no specific maintenance to be foreseen. Some precautions however can be useful to know, that you can discover in the heading interview.

We have manufactured it with the greatest care, and we guarantee it; please do not hesitate to consult our guarantee to find out everything.


Deadlines : Our jewels are dispatched under 1 to 4 working days, then forwarded normally in 2 working days (for metropolitan France) in letter followed or Colissimo with insurance according to your choice.

Postage and packing :
FRANCE & DOM-TOM : tracked letter 3€, colissimo with insurance 10€.
EUROPE : followed letter 6€, colissimo with insurance 18€.
WORLD : followed letter 7€, colissimo with insurance 31€.

For more information, see the FAQ


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