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Insect Earrings Steatoda & Graellsia


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These original and asymmetrical earrings represent a spider and a butterfly. This jewel is of French artisanal manufacture, silver 925‰.

Recycled silver


Craft creation


Res Mirum jewellery is made in Roanne.

Made in Roanne

Res Mirum jewellery is made in Roanne.

Unisex Jewellery

These earrings come from the Entomology line, which declines insects in the manner of ancient entomological frames. Entomology is a science born in the 18th century, first called insectology. Entomological frames are very emblematic of the cabinets of curiosities, the universe of Res Mirum.

They are asymmetrical because each loop represents an insect: a spider (Steatoda) and the Isabella Night Butterfly (Greallsia), inside square frames signed "Res Mirum" on the back. Beneath the insects is a small plaque where their Latin names are engraved in very small letters.

These frames are suspended from a sort of small moulded creoles, by a chain of round chainmail that slides freely; the frames can thus hang a little tilted like paintings on a wall. The fixing system is a classic pushchair-rod system. The chain used is sturdy and made in France.
On request, it is possible to choose your insects among the five that we have declined, which are (with this spider and butterfly): the cricket, the bug, and the bee. These insects are visible on the Insecta collar.

Discover the story of Graellsia, the Isabella butterfly in inspirations.


These earrings are 45 mm high in total, the square frames are 16 mm square. They weigh 11.35 g.

The attachment system is a classic pushchair-stem system.

The chain used is the forçat ronde, a robust chain made in France.

This jewel is made of solid silver 925‰, manufactured by us in an artisanal way. We have designed it in an eco-responsible way, see our ethics for more information.

Finishing : We give the silver an antique patina to give the jewellery an antique cachet, and bring out the details of the patterns and engravings.

Packaging : The jewel is presented in a small velvet purse, slipped into a retro cardboard envelope closed with a wax seal with the initials of Res Mirum.

Maintenance and warranty : The ancient patina of this jewel will harmoniously accompany its ageing; there is no specific maintenance to be foreseen. Some precautions however can be useful to know, that you can discover in the heading interview.

We have manufactured it with the greatest care, and we guarantee it; please do not hesitate to consult our guarantee to find out everything.


Deadlines : Our jewels are dispatched under 1 to 4 working days, then forwarded normally in 2 working days (for metropolitan France) in letter followed or Colissimo with insurance according to your choice.

Postage and packing :
FRANCE & DOM-TOM : tracked letter 3€, colissimo with insurance 10€.
EUROPE : followed letter 6€, colissimo with insurance 18€.
WORLD : followed letter 7€, colissimo with insurance 31€.

For more information, see the FAQ


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