July 2004:
We meet. Aurélie is an intuitive, creative and passionate person. Cédric is more concerned with analyzing things and dissecting their nature.
We each have complementary skills that it could be interesting to put at the service of a common project.

September 2008:
During one of our discussions, Aurélie evoked the existence of "something strange", whose name and appearance we do not know.
Cedric offered to help him research this phenomenon.

February 2010 :
We found the Grain de Sel design office. Thanks to the research we will carry out there, we hope to be able to identify the phenomenon, study it and understand it.

March 2014:
After several years, our research is leading us to better understand the phenomenon. It has its source in History. It manifests itself in past events, it extracts what is singular and transposes it into our time. It is inspired by cabinets of curiosities, in the aesthetics, the scientific approach, the relationship with history, the atmosphere... The result is harmonious, a little offbeat, full of meaning and a touch of mystery. It becomes a curious object.
We give the name "Curious Thing", in Latin "Res Mirum" to this phenomenon.

January 2015 :
Finally, our work has brought to light several Res Mirum events; we have listed and classified them in our Collection. First of all, we have seen it emerge in various representations of the animal world, in mammals, insects and in the marine world. We collected some of the first specimens, inventoried in our Museum. We captured the spirit of it within the walls of an old Boudoirthrough his ancient tapestries.

August 2015:
We continued our research and came up with new findings. The phenomenon is resplendent in insects, so we started to look at theEntomology. Between the vials, ointments and elixirs of an old Apothecary ...we've seen the mystery of it.

December 2016:

While observing the sky, we have detected enigmatic signals among the stars and constellations. By studying theAstronomy using an armillary sphere, we've been trying to transcribe them.

December 2017:
Fascinated by the plants, the vegetation, and the remarkable greenhouses and orangeries that house them, we explored the Botany. We crossed the road of majestic Aerostats during our explorations. These magnificent aerial mastodons are for us an imposing manifestation of Res Mirum.

February 2019:
We have enriched our entomological collection with some of the most fascinating specimens. We have been hypnotized by stones with bewitching colours and strange shapes, by which the phenomenon expresses itself again in a sparkling way, and this is how we have studied the Mineralogy.

March 2020:
In the alleys of an oriental city, we fell in fascination with the facades of old buildings, and were amazed at the delicacy, richness and harmony of their ornamental motifs. Under a rising sun, bewitched by the vapours of incense and the melody of a mysterious oud, we perceived all around us the magic of the place and the moment... which we tried to capture and restore in our vision of theOrient.

decorations Cabinet de Curiosités Res Mirum
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