Our jewellery is made by us, in our Roannais workshop. The materials, tools and services used in their manufacture come from French companies.

Our packaging is made locally: our cardboard sleeves in Roanne, our cases in Italy. Our cards and communication supports are made of recycled paper, manufactured in Angers by Les Ateliers Paquereau.

We use recycled and least polluting materials possible.

The electricity that powers our machines comes fromEnercoopa supplier ofelectricity 100 % renewable, and cooperative in direct contract with the producers.





Each year we pay out 1% of our turnover to charities.

No material of animal origin does not enter into the composition of our jewellery or our packaging, nor into the process of manufacturing the jewellery.


On a personal level, we are concerned about what is behind the product we buy. And if you're reading these lines, you probably are too. Beyond appearances, we try to judge the ethics and the authenticity of the commitments of the companies we deal with; which is not often obvious, as they are sometimes so skillful at embellishing their image thanks to marketing...

Generally speaking, we believe it is essential to ask ourselves questions about the social and environmental consequences of the least of our actions, and therefore of what we consume, even the most trivial things. We believe that this approach, which involves constant, uncompromising questioning and sometimes leads to complex thinking and uncomfortable decisions, could lead to a way of life that allows humans to coexist harmoniously among themselves and in their ecosystem.





Our jewellery is made of solid silver, untreated, unplated.. The patina we give them does not deteriorate, does not require any particular maintenance, other than cleaning if necessary with toothpaste and toothbrush.

Our jewels are qualitative and durable. We can fix them if necessary, but any jewellery professional can also carry out repair or modification operations without difficulty.


We don't fit in with the fashion world because it doesn't fit with our vision of things. Fashion as it exists today, an unbridled succession of trends, is representative of our consumerist system; it is the product of the industrial logic and delocalization in which our society has embarked on the search for ever lower prices by consumers, and higher profits by sellers at the expense of manufacturers. Brands have to order large series from wholesalers, and are forced to hold regular sales to get rid of products they do not know what to do with once the current trend is over. If the brand manufactures itself, it is already no longer dependent on large order quantities; and by freeing itself from fashion, it avoids making perishable products.

That's the choice we made. And so.., we ensure the continuity of our lines If you like a piece of jewellery today, you can be sure to find it years from now.


Since our jewelry is made by ourselves, we are able to ensure the most absolute traceability. The only stage that we subcontract is the stage called "lost wax casting", which is carried out by a Lyon workshop with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label.

The money we use for our jewelry is silver.silver certified Origine France it comes from a recycling process. It is sourced from an approved Responsible Jewellery Council certified outlet that guarantees responsible mining practices with respect to human rights and the environment.

It is difficult to ensure a good traceability of the stones, to know how they were extracted and then possibly treated; and the environmental impact of their exploitation is not insignificant. Consequently, we use very few stones, only when they make sense in our creations.





We try to be as transparent as possible in the way we operate, both in the manufacture, the origin of materials, our commercial policy, and even the processing of your personal data and cookies. We have created this page precisely for this purpose, but if you have any questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us, feel free to ask us.





We make our jewellery ourselves by hand, spending time on each piece. We cannot sell to shops that would apply a margin (usually x3) to resell them in turn. The jewels would be in fine sold too expensively for our taste and it seems fair to us to sell them undercut that's why we sell directly to individualson creators' markets and on the internet.

We do not advocate consumption at all costs. We prefer the idea of consuming less, but better.... For all these reasons, we do not make sales; we do not take part in promotional or commercial operations (such as Black Friday).

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