Res Mirum is a brand for both women and men; we don't give a gender to our jewellery, rather we seek to move away from the codes commonly used to designate what is masculine or feminine.

We believe that everyone's idea of masculinity or femininity is defined by their culture, their education, their character... and that it is above all something very personal. Codes evolve over time, changing with the times, changing with fashion.


In the same way, we are not looking for belonging to a particular style; we don't particularly claim to belong to steampunk, or even to the world of tattoo, or to the imaginary, or to the contemporary, the Victorian, the vintage, the fantastic... we are none of these, or rather a bit of all of them at once!

We simply make jewellery that looks like us, and that relates to things that interest us; History and its mysteries, cabinets of curiosities and their ambiances... So as we make curious jewellery, we consider that they are unisex and can suit everyone, and especially the curious!

decorations Cabinet de Curiosités Res Mirum
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