Atmosphere of the ring charm solid silver apothecary flask vial

Do you know the history of the Veratrine ring of the Apothecary Line?

While hunting, we once found some old pharmaceutical vials; among them was a vial of veratrin. It is this vial that we reproduced in miniature on this ring.

Veratrin comes from the plant Veratrum viride or "green veratrum" of the lily family (lily), also known as devil's tobacco. It grows mainly in North America, close to rivers and streams. The substance produced from the root is therefore veratrin; very toxic, it was nevertheless used to treat high blood pressure in the middle of the last century, but with side effects that are difficult to tolerate (nausea, vomiting, cold sweats, dizziness, choking sensations... even death, which is a very unpleasant side effect).

Among the Cherokees and the Iroquois it was used to designate a new chief: the last one to vomit the root was elected.

Sources :ératrine



Ring small vial d'apothecary in a fantasy and wicca universe charm handmade in silver | Res Mirum

Veratrine Ring - 64€

Pendant phial d'antique apothecary working in 925 silver made in France | Res Mirum

Veratrine Pendant - 79€

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