Today, the story of the Giraffa pendant from the Museum line.

This animal is already quite emblematic by its impressive size, but there is a little story behind it: the story of Zarafa.

Offered by Méhémet Ali, viceroy in Ottoman Egypt to the French king Charles X in 1827, it is considered the first to come to France!

She made the feat of walking from Marseille to Paris to reach the Royal Menagerie, 800 km in 6 weeks, feeding on the milk of two cows that accompanied her on the way, causing a sensation as she passed through the towns and villages on the way.

Immortalized in 1827 by Jacques Raymond Brascassat in the table below, Zarafa launched a veritable girafomania: engravings, literature, crockery, tapestries, wallpaper, hairstyles, jewellery...

It was naturalized and is now visible at the Natural History Museum of La Rochelle.

Sources :édicisà_Charles_X_par_Méhémet_Ali


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