Atmosphere of the earrings d'earrings Isabelle moth or stained glass entomology way

Here is the history of the Graellsia earrings from the Entomology line.

Graellsia isabellae, more commonly known as the Isabella butterfly, lives in certain mountainous regions of France and Spain.

It is a remarkable specimen, because of its wingspan of about 10cm which makes it one of the largest butterflies in Europe after the Great Night Peacock, and the characteristic shape of its wings. The singular patterns on its wings have given it the nickname of stained glass butterfly.

He is very discreet; his activity is nocturnal. It is first described in Spain in 1849; its Spanish discoverer Mariano de la Paz Graëlls then named him Isabella in honor of Queen Isabella II of Spain.

Then in 1922 very similar butterflies were discovered in the French Alps. The Spaniards then accused the French of having stolen butterflies from them in order to introduce them into France, which was to create some tension between the specialists of the two countries... so that finally, it was discovered that they were two different subspecies!

This story was the inspiration for the entomological frame representing the Isabella butterfly, present on the Graellsia and Steatoda earringsas well as theringthe bracelet and the Insecta collar.

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