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Here is the history of the Constantinople earrings of the Orientalism line 😊

Around the year -650, a Greek city appears, capital of Thrace, called Byzantium.

In the 4th century, the Roman Empire was divided in two. A western part which quickly disappeared under the influence of the Germanic invasions, and an eastern part led by the Roman Emperor Constantine, who seized Byzantium in 330 and renamed it Constantinople. He made it the capital of what became the Byzantine, Christian and Greek-speaking empire, which lasted nearly 1000 years.

In the 6th century, Constantinople was considered the capital of the world.
Then this empire gradually weakened and in 1453 Constantinople was taken by the Ottoman Empire. This event had a profound impact on the world, especially in the West.

Historians see the fall of Constantinople as a stage in the process of transmission from the Greek to the Latin world, leading to the Renaissance. Despite its political decline, the Byzantine Empire experienced a profound cultural revival in its final years of existence and thus spread to the rest of Europe.

Following the reform of the Turkish language and writing, Constantinople officially became Istanbul in 1930.
The Constantinople earrings are inspired by the characteristic patterns of oriental tiles.


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Earrings d'asymmetrical square zellige oriental earrings in sterling silver 925 with hook system | Res Mirum

Constantinople Earrings - 53€ - €53

Ring or ring inspired by oriental zelliges and d'handcrafted 925 silver arabesques | Res Mirum

Constantinople Ring - 57€ to 62€

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