Planche d'ambiance of the Botanical line inspired by greenhouses, orangeries & botanical plates and herbariums

Flower that decorates the ruin
Without a glance to admire you!
I pick your white cheesecloth,
And I would carry on my chest
Your perfumes to breathe them in.

Alphonse de Lamartine, Has a dried flower in an album 

Some explanations on the history of the Botanical Line. 🌹 🌷

The study and classification of plants goes back at least to the 13th century BC. Because of their use in food, clothing, and as a remedy for disease, the use of plants is one of the human activities that has left the oldest historical records. With the centuries and the discoveries of other worlds, many scientists have greatly enriched this science.

During the Renaissance, like all sciences, Botany underwent great revolutions; thanks to the printing press, herbaria, the first European botanical gardens and numerous expeditions to the New World, plants were classified and studied, and a large number of species appeared in books.

All sorts of legends are associated with Botany; in Scotland, for example, it was said that the leaves of a certain species of tree become fish when they fall into the water, and birds when they fall onto the land .

The botanical line is inspired by botanical plates, herbariums, and the impressive architecture of botanical greenhouses.

Sources :èges_et_codex_botaniques


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