Atmosphere Cabinet of Curiosities of the Res Mirum jewels
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French artisanal manufacture

sterling silver 925‰

Atmosphere Cabinet of Curiosities of the Res Mirum jewels

Res Mirum is a French brand of solid silver jewellery made in the spirit of curiosity cabinets.

Appearing in the Renaissance, cabinets of curiosities were private collections created by rich collectors, made up of unusual or remarkable objects; insects, naturalized animals, minerals, objects of science, works of art from new lands... these cabinets of curiosities gradually became the museums and museums we know today.

So it is this atmosphere, at once strange & mysterious, full of meaning & history, that the Res Mirum brand recreates. The collection is declined in small lines according to themes: the apothecary, entomology, astronomy, aerostats, the museum, the Orient

We are Aurélie and Cédric, two jewellers with a passion for history, who created Res Mirum in January 2015. We make everything ourselves in our workshop in Roanne (in the Loire Valley), eco-responsibly We use recycled materials whenever possible, and the silver used in our jewellery is recycled silver from an approved Responsible Jewelry Council outlet. We donate 1% of our turnover to charities.

decorations Cabinet de Curiosités Res Mirum
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